My pop bottle rocket

Robert and Shawntae

In my technology class experimented with pop bottle rockets.We made rockets out of pop bottles we practiced on velocity and momentum.We went out- side to test them our rocket’s on a launch pad. My  partner and I rocket didnt’t that well.During this project I learned that, if you put objects in the nose cone it will fly better.


My balsa tower was 21 inches and 20 grams.Making a balsa tower was tricky as you can see me and my partner Treyvon, made ours a triangle stuctureShawntae and trevon with flat sides. We had to make two differnt designs top and bottom. We had a lot of trouble because are tower came out crooked.So, when we put the bucket on it and the sand in it, it only held 12lbs when it needed  to be 20 for the the full grade.


nba_illustration_pt2_sw_576 Basketball is really big part of my life right now.The way i see it is You don’t play against opponents, you play against the game of basketball.               

Even when I’m old and gray, I won’t be able to play it, but I’ll still love the game” – Michael Jordan


lego robotMy experience with the Lego robots  where fun the first time. I programed this robot to go faster than slower than, to go in 180 degrees to 360. My experience with the Lego robotics are unforgettable  especially the part with the  light sensor and the black tape  I never knew robots can do cool things like that .I wonder what else you can do with a light sensor.

I learned that  if you program a robot it can do a lot of cool,fun,and exciting things.What I thought was the most interesting was the sound sensor on the robot I thought that was really cool .I liked yelling stop and go to the robot I felt in charge.I never thought robots can be this fun and cool.And I also learned that people can use sound sensors for like cars for like an emergency or even cooler to talk to the car and tell it whether to go instead of listening to a boring GPS.

I think i should have payed attention a little more because i thought i could depend on my partner ,but sometimes he even got confused with the programs .But then I payed more attention to the teacher and the sites to go to,and I helped get a lot of the work done .So next time I won’t slack off unless I want a bad grade.


83010132LM008_HORNETS_THUNDERMy name is Shawntae. My favorite color is green, because it is the color of money and MSU. When I go to college I plan to attened  a college with in the state of Michigan.I enjoy music my favorite style in hip-hop/rap I listen to lil wayne,drake,lil twist,the game,etc.And I hope to go to a good college one day, my favorite sports college is Michigan state GO GREEN!!!.And I hope to  have a sports career like in the N.F.L  or the N.B.A.My favorite football team is Minnesota Vikings and My favorite basketball player is Chris Paul from The New Orleans Hornets.My favorite number is  3  like three blind mice,chris paul,ty lawson,etc.